Ameristand 403T Alfalfa – Coated


50lb – $260.00

No Sales Less Than 10lb.


Ameristand 403T Alfalfa Seed is a pre-inoculated seed that produces an alfalfa pasture or food plot with excellent traffic tolerance and is thus suitable for grazing in pastures, hay production, and in wildlife food plots. University trials reveal Ameristand 403T scored the highest in best yield, best winter survival rating, and best grazing tolerance.

Features of Ameristand 403T Alfalfa Seed

  • Fall dormancy = 4
  • Very winter hardy (WH = 2.1)
  • High resistance to Phoma crown rot, the “Traffic Disease”*
  • Delivers excellent fiber digestibility values in RFQ tests
  • Unique plant type with large, deep-seated crown, finer stems, greater leaf mass and more crown bud activity
  • Patented tolerance to liquid manure applications, averaging 14 percent yield advantage and 18 percent stand advantage over conventional varieties (USDA_ARS)

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